Winter in July

It’s now apparently winter in Sydney and there’s a slight nip in the air. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was actually cold, but nevertheless everyone is wrapped up in coats, hats, scarves…

That’s apart from me. Being a silly Pom, my only concession to the chill has been a cardigan, attracting concerned looks. Tom has even committed to wearing shorts every day, so far an unbroken record. I’m beginning to realise that my winter clothes are not going to get an outing this year. (Sorry, trusty Topshop duffle coat.)

So I have been reminiscing about London winters and proper cold, and maybe getting a bit carried away. Dickensian snowy streets, mulled wine, rosy-cheeked chimney sweeps… well maybe not. But most definitely cosy winter woolly jumpers!

I have just discovered Annie Larson‘s colourful, cheerful, boldly patterned knits, which I would definitely like to wear if I had the need for them.

That cardigan is truly awesome…

This one is my absolute favourite. Not sure I could carry off the matching cycling shorts, but the whole outfit looks so fun.

The red outfit has little cactuses (or should I say cacti) all over it. Wowsers!

Annie designs and knits it all herself, on a knitting machine in her studio in Brooklyn.

There are cosy hats, too!

You can buy Annie’s designs online and read her blog here.

Who knows, by next winter I may have acclimatised and be able to get all wrapped up again. In the meantime I have a year to become very good at knitting!

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