Rabbit Hutch Designs launches!

Hello! Welcome to my very first blog post!

I’m very excited to finally have made enough bits and bobs to open my little online shop.

I have decided to start off with doing just two things: patchwork balloon necklaces and brooches (which are actually basically one thing). I loved putting the different patterns and colours together and I’m a big fan of Liberty fabrics. Just looking at them made me feel excited and want to make something. More brooches and necklaces are in production.

Who knows if anyone will actually buy anything! But it makes me happy to have eventually got round to doing it, so if occasionally someone buys something it will be a bonus. I’m not exactly giving it the big sell am I…

A big thank you to Tom for doing such a professional job on my website and logo which I LOVE. At the risk of sounding like Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars, I would also like to thank my mum for suggesting the name Rabbit Hutch Designs and Linda for all her practical help and advice.

So on this blog I might write about things I am making and other pretty and crafty things I see. Feel free to have a poke about on my site and hopefully in the meantime I will get the hang of this blogging malarkey.

Bye for now!

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2 comments on “Rabbit Hutch Designs launches!
  1. Ellen says:

    Love it! Great work Alex!

  2. Joanna says:

    So pleased it’s all up and running! Looks amazing x

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