Rabbit Hutch Designs open for business!

At long last my Etsy shop is restocked and open for business! I am very excited.

Here’s a photo of all my stock:

Seeing it all together, I realised I’ve actually made quite a lot of stuff that I’m happy with. It’s a nice feeling.

There are balloon necklaces and brooches, rabbit, koala and cockatoo brooches and Peter Pan collars.

Getting it all online was quite a big job in the end, not just the making, but also photographing it all, editing the photos and listing everything. I must say a massive thank you to Tom for being my photographer, designer, technical support, art director and general business consultant.

Here are some works in progress…

Our mini photoshoot!

I was a fashion model for the day…

Here is the first brooch getting packaged up and ready for my first customer!

I’ve set myself a goal of adding five new things to the shop each week, to keep it topped up. There are lots of new ideas I’m working on so hopefully I’ll have some to share with you soon.

Now begins the job of trying to market my stuff and tell people about it (which I am terrible at and feel funny about, but will have to get over). If you have any tips on this, then please let me know!

So I think we might go and celebrate with a drink or two. I was all up for smashing a bottle of champagne against the computer (like when you launch a ship), but Tom wasn’t up for that… So we’ll just drink it instead.

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