Purple haze

I thought I would post some photos of this purple blossom that is everywhere in Sydney at the moment. I’ve never seen purple blossom before! I think it’s beautiful. It’s called jacaranda.

The story is that if you’re a student in Sydney and you haven’t started studying by the time the jacaranda blossoms, then you might not pass your exams. So if you are a student reading this… then get back to work!

This is not jacaranda, but it’s purple and pretty so into the blog it goes. I’m sure Victoria Plum used to wear one of these on her head as a hat?? Anyone?

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2 comments on “Purple haze
  1. Corey says:

    I love Jacaranda time in Sydney! I think the last photo is of Morning Glory. It’s actually considered an invasive weed here, but it’s so pretty!

  2. alex says:

    Poor Morning Glory! I don’t mind if it’s a weed, it’s so pretty. Lots of weeds are actually lovely. Maybe I’ll start a weed garden!

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