Owly cushion

Hello again! I had a bit of a break while we were moving house. But now we’re all settled in, the craft room is ready and I’m back to my crafty ways!

I’ve been working at some kids’ sewing workshops over the Easter holidays, helping them sew stuffed bunnies as well as skirts, bags etc. Weirdly, despite sewing all day it hasn’t put me off and I’ve been sewing in the evenings too.

So last night I stayed up until 1am making a big fat cushion for our sofa. It seemed like a good project to start when I got in from the pub… I am actually quite pleased as it doesn’t look too shoddy!

I used Mildly Crafty’s very handy tutorial on making a cushion cover. The fabric is an ¬†Alexander Henry pattern (It’s a Hoot) which I bought ages ago off eBay.

I’ve been making more brooches too, so I’ll post a photo when I have a nice little batch ready…

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7 comments on “Owly cushion
  1. Are you going to make more of these? It looks great! How much?

  2. James says:

    Lovely cushion Ally! Not bad for a post-pub project!

  3. alex says:

    Thanks! :-) I think a trip to the pub beforehand gave me the necessary courage for sewing in the zip. Am definitely going to make some more!

  4. MildlyCrafty says:

    Hi Alex, I’m so glad you found my tutorial useful! Your cushion looks great!

  5. alex says:

    Thanks Amy! :-) And thanks again for your help!

  6. Keri says:

    The cushion is lovely, Alex. How do I buy some of your stuff?

  7. alex says:

    Thanks Keri! :-) I’m going to relaunch my online Etsy shop as soon as I have enough stuff (hopefully very soon!) I’ll post an update as soon as it’s ready.

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