Who wants to look at lots of lovely jolly outfits from Marimekko?? Well I do, so here are some for you to enjoy. These are such insanely happy clothes they make you want to do a little jig and shout ‘hooray!’ Just add clogs and a big smile. They’re all from the current season. (Sorry the images are not amazing quality but there you go…)

Kaly dress:
Apila dress:
Hulmu trousers:
Ritariperhonen dress:
Krassi jumpsuit:
Ahkeraliisa dress:
Which one’s your favourite?

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2 comments on “Marimekko
  1. Linda Mattock says:

    Hulmu trousers

  2. alex says:

    Yes, those trousers are amazing! I love the jumpsuit. They also do it in red!

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