I have called this post Lazybones for two reasons:

1. I am a lazybones. It has been nearly six months since I last updated this blog! However it is a new year, I am in a new city, country, continent and hemisphere (Sydney!) so a perfect time for me to start this thing afresh. Some posts might be about things, people and places I discover in Sydney, stuff I spot online or projects I’m doing. I’m not selling anything in my Etsy shop at the moment while I take stock and work out how/what/where I’m going to sell my things. But I am on the case…

2. I keep finding myself hanging around in a gorgeous shop called Lazybones in Paddington, Sydney. I’m sure the shop assistants wonder what I’m doing there. Here are a few photos:

Everything is beautifully arranged and presented, with vintage pieces mixed with their own designs.

I thought this little display had a lovely colour scheme.

I want this cushion!

More colourful displays…

All in all Lazybones is a beautiful shop. But I haven’t even got started on the stuff they actually sell. They’re an Australian company who design and make vintage inspired dresses, sleepwear, bedding and kids clothes. This is just a glimpse of some of their creations, but have a look at their website where you can have a proper look and buy online.

Basically I want to live in this shop and wear all the clothes (although that might not be allowed.)

If anyone has more Sydney tips then let me know!

Thanks to and photographer Stephen Hocking for use of photos.

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