Ladybirds and leaves

Happy New Year!! (I know, it’s way too late for that). However this is my first post of the year after a bit of a slow start. In my defence I’ve been busy the last few months making presents for friends and friends’ babies (some of these projects are in fact still ongoing and the children will probably have started school by the time they’re ready).

In the meantime I’ve just started a screen printing class on Tuesday evenings which I already love. I had my very first go at printing this week and thought I would share the results.

I drew up a leaf and ladybird design.

Not wanting to make life easy for myself (or the teacher), I dived straight in and did a repeating pattern. It’s a perfect size for a cushion cover so this may end up on our sofa. Those cushions are multiplying at quite a sinister rate…

Looking forward to next week when I will printing in not one but two colours! I’m going to make the ladybirds red and maybe see if I can rotate some as well.

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