I’ve gone lalaloopsy

OK, I know I am way too old to be buying toys, but I am also now old enough not to care about that.

Tom has a major Lego obsession and on one of our outings to Toys ‘R’ Us I saw these awesome Lalaloopsy dolls.

I’ve secretly wanted one for ages. They have big button eyes like Coraline’s ‘Other Mother’ but less creepy and much more cute. The mini ones are about $9, 7cm tall and perfect for collecting.

Last weekend I cracked and bought Mango Tiki Wiki:

Mango Tiki Wiki

I love her coconut cocktail but most of all her little sidekick who seems to be the offspring of a pineapple and a chicken! A henapple maybe?

Then this weekend I bought two, Snowy Fairest:

Snowy Fairest

And Feather Tell-A-Tale – I love her teddy totem:

Feather Tell-A-Tale

I’ve also got the perfect display case for them – some little shelves I bought a few months ago from Rozelle markets. They just need a scrub and a lick of paint.

They can fit exactly 10 Mini Lalaloopsys, and there my collection MUST stop. Famous last words…

Any other Lalaloopsy collectors out there over the age of 12? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

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2 comments on “I’ve gone lalaloopsy
  1. Cute! I can see the appeal! And collecting is a perfectly acceptable adult pursuit! I recently “found” all my Strawberry Shortcake miniatures that I loved as a child. I’ve put them on display on a book shelf and I’ve started seeking out any that are missing from my collection!

  2. alex says:

    Hooray! :D Yes, I agree it is completely allowed as an adult. And funnily enough it was just exciting buying a ‘new toy’ as it was when I was about seven! Would love to see your Strawberry Shortcakes!

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