I *heart* Tatty Devine

Today I am going to post about Tatty Devine. I LOVE Tatty Devine. I ADORE their jewellery. I own several TD pieces and they are among the most treasured of all my spangly bits and bobs.

Their designs are fun and up to date, but somehow classic and timeless, and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of wearing them. Plus I love that their jewellery is made by hand in their London workshops. Here’s a photo of my small but precious TD collection. Most of them were presents from Tom or my lovely ladies.

I can’t wait for autumn to come around again so I can wear that oak leaves necklace and fox brooch. I like to take seasons very literally when it comes to accessories e.g. spooky owl brooch for Halloween, ice cream brooch in summer, Christmas tree brooch at, well, Christmas.

Anyway, as I write this, it’s full-on summer in Sydney. The sun’s beating down, the Botanic Gardens look lush and exotic, and cheeky cockatoos and parakeets are squawking about and causing a ruckus. So for me it feels like perfect timing for TD’s totally tropical new collection, inspired by Mexico.

Here are some of my favourites. Fruity necklaces and hats!

I had been thinking, “When would I wear such a crazy yet stylish watermelon hat?” But then I remembered. Sydney Mardi Gras! All I’d need is a grass skirt and a bra made out of coconuts and I’d be good to go. Failing that, just sitting anywhere and drinking a mojito whilst wearing that hat would make me feel sunshiney.

Other designs feature maracas, parrots, Day of the Dead skulls and Frida Kahlo.

However the showstopper in my opinion, is this embroidery inspired necklace.

It combines several of my favourite things: embroidery motifs, bright colours, flowers and birds… I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect necklace, and in fact I may have emitted a little yelp when I saw it.

The embroidery necklace comes in three sizes, and two colour ways: multicoloured and white. TD suggest the white necklace for a wedding, which I agree would look stunning.

So that’s all from me for today. I hope that sends some sunshine your way, wherever you are…

A very big thank you to www.tattydevine.com for letting me use their images.

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