Sydney Finders Keepers

So a bit of a (large) gap between this and my last post, but may I draw your attention to my new and improved website, thanks to Tom. Looks much better don’t you think!

Here’s a few photos of the Sydney Finders Keepers market the other week. This year it was massive with loads more space, being held in the Australian Technology Park.

Flyer artwork by Meeri Anneli

Here are a few of my favourite stalls.

Lovely bright and bold designs from Scoops Design:

Scoop Design stall


Screen printed pineapples and prawns at Everingham & Watson:

Everingham and Watson stall

Super cute designer of ladylike outfits, Alice Nightingale:

Alice Nightingale

Whimsy Mileu jewellery and accessories:

Whimsy Milieu stall

I battled with myself over this scarf with the houses on it, I may have to pay a visit to the Whimsy Milieu Etsy shop…

Whimsy Milieu stall

Lovely splodgy painterly and fresh designs from Beattie Lanser:

Beattie Lanser stall

Beattie Lanser stall

The delightful and charming The Storybook Rabbit:

The Storybook Rabbit

I have a major crush on The Storybook Rabbit. I must have spent about 45 minutes hanging around this stall last year, looking longingly at the dainty little illustrated plates and brooches. This year I knew I had to get something and bought an adorable little plate with a shy bunny on it.

Storybook Rabbit Plate

Last but not least the lovely Martine Booth with her amazing Vintage Prints:

Vintage Prints stall

I helped Martine out with her stall for the afternoon, it was great fun!

Here are a couple of Martine’s prints I came away with.

This is from an 1880’s encyclopaedia. I love those coloured flames and test tubes all neatly lined up. If only chemistry at school had been this exciting:

Encyclopaedia print

 Tiger illustration from a 1960s children’s book by Brian Wildsmith:

Tiger print

About five minutes before the end I picked up this brilliant 1950s skirt from a vintage stall. It’s very full and made of wool, and I love the design of carousels – it’s very Festival of Britain somehow:

1950s skirt

1950s skirt detail

That’s it! It was a grand day out. Looking forward to next year!

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  1. Melanie BakerGill says:

    I have never been to a finders keepers now I wish I had, thanks for the wrap.

  2. alex says:

    Hi Melanie! Yes, definitely one for the diary. Not sure where you live but the Brisbane one is next weekend. Otherwise they have spring/summer dates as well:

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