Finders Keepers market

Over the weekend I went to the Finders Keepers market at the Carriageworks in Sydney.

There was lots of lovely stuff by independent designers and artists that was right up my street. I always get overexcited at these sorts of things! Here are a few of the highlights…

I love the flyer for the event, which was designed by Andrea Smith:

Andrea had a stall at the market, selling her bold and colourful prints, including screen-printed cushions and tea towels.

Andrea Smith's stall
Andrea Smith's stall
I really liked these ceramic cloud necklaces and brooches by Paper Boat Press.

Cloud jewellery
The Land of Fig had a very nicely presented stall, she makes little printed landscapes which are then embroidered.

The Land of Fig

The Land of Fig embroidery

Plus there were plenty of animal-related goodies which I am always happy to see!

The Storybook Rabbit had a really pretty stall, jam-packed with cute bits and bobs.

The Storybook Rabbit stall
Kelly White (the lady responsible) decorates vintage plates with her adorable illustrations of fairytale creatures. I’ve seen other illustrated plates around, but I think these are really charming.

The Storybook Rabbit plates display

Bunny plate

Rabbit couple plate
There was  a great display from TMOD, who make vintage-style printed products.

TMOD stall

Animal masks

Here’s a lady rabbit wearing a gorgeous dress from Made 590. I don’t know how well you can see the design, it’s like a watercolour of deer and water and forests… Very tranquil. A good dress to wear when you’re feeling day-dreamy.

Lady rabbit in deer dress

I’d never come across Made 590 before, and I fell in love with their clothes. Everything on the rails was amazing. I could easily have blown a lot of money (although I was boring and sensible and didn’t).

However I couldn’t resist this family of geese (also from Made 590) who double up as a set of measuring cups. (We needed some for the kitchen, so this was a practical purchase and not in any way frivolous, you see.)

Family of geese

It’s a clever design, I like how their necks rest nicely together when they’re all stacked up.

Family of geese

So all in all it was a good little jaunt! I’m looking forward to the next Finders Keepers in December (or October if I sneak a little trip down to Melbourne.)

Anyone else go to Finders Keepers? Let me know your favourites!

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    I *adore* the measuring cups!!!

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