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My fabric printing course has finished now so I thought I’d share some of the results.

So my first attempt at screen printing was my ladybirds and leaves design which I blogged about a few weeks back…

And here’s version 2, in full colour.

I realised pretty quickly that it’s not a very forgiving design. I wanted it to be really neat and symmetrical which turned out to involve a lot of measuring and maths. About halfway through, the scientific approach went out the window and I decided to line up the ladybirds by eye. This made the whole process much more nervewracking/exciting!┬áThank goodness it turned out ok as I spent about three classes doing this one design! I think I would have flipped if it didn’t work.

The tiny ladybirds started out as a orange blob (obviously intentional)… which I decided to make a feature of.

As a relief from all the precision I did this splodgy design, screen printing with ripped strips of newspaper.

Here’s a lino cut print I experimented with, which reminds me of ships’ flags (or something nautical anyway).

And lastly, tote bags screen printed with my fruity lemonade design.

I would love to do more of these using fluoro orange ink.

I’m now eyeing up home printing kits so who knows, maybe some of these designs will turn up in my Etsy shop…?

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