Elsa Mora – a talented lady

I came across this lady’s blog today and was blown away by how much beautiful stuff she produces. Her name is Elsa Mora and she’s an artist originally from Cuba, now living in LA. It’s really worth having a look on her site as there’s so much to see.

Look at these beautiful papercuts:

She also creates paintings, drawings, ceramics, dolls, dolls houses… including a Frida Kahlo doll’s house!

These gorgeous embroidered brooches are right up my street:

I really enjoyed reading her biog as she’s come from a very interesting background, she tells her story with some nice little illustrations and has such a positive outlook on life.

PLUS she has 4 other blogs in addition to this one! AND wears beautiful dresses, and has a fine collection of brooches! A woman after my own heart. (Nice wallpaper too – I wonder if that’s her house? I bet it’s amazing as well.)

Anyway, this is all making me feel very inadequate so I will stop now! But it’s incredibly inspiring to see someone being creative in so many ways.

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2 comments on “Elsa Mora – a talented lady
  1. Sophie Coleman says:

    Hi Alex

    I love your website!

    Sophie xx

  2. eleanor says:

    I love her brooches they’re amazing!! Wow Alex, get sewing, I’ll have a little mouse one please! x

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