Eley Kishimoto

Eley Kishimoto has been on my radar a lot this week. I’ve always been a fan and loved their bold colours and graphic prints.

So I was very excited to see some of their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, ‘Toy Town Eden’ in Frankie magazine. And then even more excited when I saw the full extent of their designs online! It was a very hard job deciding which ones to show.

I would happily wear any one of these amazing outfits. Rainbow colours, A-line dresses and patterned tights are right up my street.


All that yellow and turquoise looks very zingy and springy!


Unfortunately my budget does not currently stretch to shopping at Eley Kishimoto. But it’s lovely to have a look, feel a bit inspired and wear my bright colours and crazy tights with renewed conviction.

Having said that, if you did want a touch of more affordable EK style, then they’ve just collaborated with Tatty Devine to produce some lovely jewellery, who’ve digitally printed their designs onto perspex. There’s a bumpy tartan design called ‘Ravioli’ and a jaggedy floral print which I think looks great in green and turquoise.



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