Dresser adventure

I thought I would share some photos of our brand new dresser which I am ridiculously pleased with. At last I can display all my pretty china and old lady knick-knacks! We bought it off eBay and I think it’s from the

 We had big plans to strip it and paint it, but after about three months that still hadn’t happened…  it just sat in two pieces causing an obstruction in the kitchen. True, it was useful for piling recycling on/gathering post/stubbing our toes. But I think it’s much better put to proper use!

One of the nicest things about it is the ‘starburst’ design in the glass.

My collection is a mish mash of vintage finds from second hand shops, childhood relics and new pieces, mostly from Anthropologie. The toadstool plate is by Nathalie Lete (who I’m sure I will do a post on at some point.)

However the logistics of buying a big dresser (as well as a Parker coffee table), were not straightforward. We had to pick it up and soon realised they would not fit into a normal car. So we did what all proper Aussies do… hire a ute!

It was properly old and bashed up, with foam spilling out of the seats and even a tape deck!

I may look serene but it was pretty nerve wracking driving it all round New South Wales with fragile bits of furniture rattling away in the back. We did ‘secure’ it with bits of rope from Bunnings, but I’m not sure we did a particularly professional job.

Oh well, we made it back with both ourselves and the furniture in one piece, rounding off the trip with a Drive-Thru Mc Donald’s! Alf Stewart would have been proud. I only wish I’d had a pair of dungarees for the finishing touch.

Who knows, one day we might  even get round to painting that dresser…

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  1. Corey says:

    Looks great! And I can see your goose measuring cups too. Hope to see you at Brown Owls next week, and if not, lets organise a catch up?

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