Cute collars

There was some confusion at home last night when I announced I was making a detatchable Peter Pan collar.

Tom: How come you’re dressing up like one of the Merry Men?
Me: You’re thinking of Robin Hood. This is Peter Pan, as in Wendy and Captain Hook. Although I’m not dressing up as him. Peter Pan that is. Or Captain Hook for that matter.
Tom: Oh right. Good.

Once that was cleared up, I got to work. Here is the result:

I found a very clever way of making button loops on Handmade Things. (Thanks Jules!)

I embroidered the little button to match.

My inspiration was these incredibly cute collars made by Samantha Stas from Not on the High Street.  My lovely friend Em sent me the link, knowing I would love them. She was right!

Maybe when I’ve got more time I’ll try an embroidered/appliqued collar like these.

Here are some very nice Peter Pan collars I have seen on Etsy:

Tape measure collar from qtpiworkshop:

Floral collar from BlumArt:

Pom pom collar from MESDAMEShandmade:

Tartan collar from hellostrumpet:

If you fancy making one too, there are lots of tutorials online showing you what to do. I’ve found some good ones from A Common Thread and also Worn.

Refinery 29 shows you how to make this super sparkly Miu Miu-style collar!

However, I’ve since been pondering… Why is it called a Peter Pan collar?  If anyone knows the answer then let me know!

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  1. Helen says:

    Loving the sparkly one Alex! Should send you a pic of the bracelet cuffs have been making out of some gorgeous ribbon I bought in a fabulous haberdashery in Paris at Christmas.

    H x

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