Bunny brooch no. 1

I have finally accomplished something I have been talking about making for ages – an embroidered animal brooch. Here it is at long last:

Everyone who’s had to put up with me banging on about this idea can breathe a big sigh of relief.

I partly got the idea from one of my favourite brooches. It’s from the 1930’s and is hand embroidered, they used to sell little kits for people to make them. I love how it looks like a little painting until you look up close and realise it’s stitched.

I think Ryan Berkley‘s animal portraits have probably infiltrated my consciousness as well…

Plus I can’t help thinking it bears some resemblance to my childhood (and adult) obsession… Sylvanian Families! This wasn’t intentional.

Anyway, as a prototype I’m fairly pleased with it, although I need to make the fabric more taut in the frame. If anyone has any other suggestions for improvement then let me know. I have four more little rabbits lined up and on the go!




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3 comments on “Bunny brooch no. 1
  1. Corey says:

    It’s so cute, I love the design and your teeny tiny stitching!

  2. Ann-Catherine says:

    You are very clever indeed! It’s too too sweet. x

  3. alex says:

    Thanks ladies! x

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