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Hello! How’s your week been? As always I’m very bewildered by the seasons here in Sydney. It’s 26c, yet everyone else is sticking to their guns that it’s now autumn and are trudging around in big coats and tights. It’s a mystery to a confused Pom like me.

Well I don’t like to speak too soon, but I seem to be keeping up with my new goal of blogging once a week. (I thought best not to make that public in case I don’t keep it up, but now I’m feeling cocky and can’t contain myself).

Just a quick one this time, I thought I would share photos of a couple of recent projects.

Here’s a skirt I made for my sister from some Echino cockatiel fabric. Still my utter favourite, in my opinion the whole world should be covered in this stuff and I am doing my best to make that happen.

I also made her a matching collar like the ones in my Etsy shop. I’m hoping it will look like a cute dress if she wears them together with a plain top (without the need to actually make a dress, as this is still a skill I am trying to master).

 Meanwhile, this is a baby quilt I made for my little godson, to match the colour scheme for his nursery.

The second time I’ve made one of these, the last one was for my little niece. I like to think the level of craftmanship has slightly improved since then as the corners are less wonky.

The fabrics I used were ‘2D Zoo’ by Alexander Henry, ‘Velocity’ by Jessica Hogarth and a green chevron pattern by Riley Blake.

See you next week!

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