Birdies bright and beautiful

This week I thought I would go with a bird theme.

I was looking in my wardrobe today and realised that a LOT of my clothes have bird prints on them. It’s not really a secret that I adore anything with birds on it, but I didn’t realise I’d taken it so far…  It’s actually almost pathological. Anyway we’ll not dwell on that, instead I thought it would look nice to photograph some of the birdie bits and bob round our flat, and put them all together.

There’s just something lovely about birds that I just never get tired of looking at, either in designs or in real life.

Here are some picks of my favourite birdie products on Etsy…

First, some unbearably cute needle felted birds by Ainigmati, based in Maine. Hannah needle felts her creatures using wool from her own sheep, which she hand dyes using plants from her garden and the forest. I would have been impressed if she did any one of those things, let alone all three! She makes lots of other little animals, including rabbits and raccoons, all beautiful.

Look at these stunning bird prints from Dutch Door, from their series ‘Birds and Blooms of the 50 States’. All their designs are hand printed in San Francisco, on old antique printing presses. I love the colour combinations and how at home the birds look amongst the flowers.

Here are some gorgeous watercolour prints by IrenaSophia, an artist based in Croatia. Her illustrations are so delicate and graceful. I would love a cute little bird that just sits on my shoulder all day, like in these portraits.

Finally, some birdie dresses!

A twirly 50s-style dress with a hummingbird print, by GeorgieBooVintage.

This is amazing – a vintage-style dress in a lovely bird print, with a perfect belt! By jacksdaughter.

A dress made from a vintage bird tea towel! What a brilliant idea. By rustycuts.

I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ve heard from me on the bird topic! Anyone else out there with a bird obsession?? Or is there some other animal or design that covers everything you own?

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2 comments on “Birdies bright and beautiful
  1. Vixie says:

    Wow, you weren’t joking when you said you liked birds ;) some awesome birdy picks! Vixie x

  2. alex says:

    Thanks Vixie! :) Yes it’s bordering on a problem… Glad it’s not just me! x

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