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Like many others, when I signed up for Clare Bowditch’s Big Hearted Business this weekend, I didn’t really know what to expect. I umm-ed and ah-ed about signing up as I’d never been to anything like this before. I didn’t really know who Clare was but it sounded like it might be relevant and useful. I wasn’t sure if I should spend the money, but suspected you might get a good gift bag (I was correct). However I am so glad I did sign up, I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done (and not just because of the gift bags!)

There’s something very powerful about being in a big meeting of creative women, all trying to do something similar, whether they’re writers, illustrators, musicians, designers… Everyone was so supportive – it’s funny how people are often a bit apologetic about their own work but everyone else thinks it’s brilliant. I met some awesome people who I will hopefully stay in contact with and maybe even collaborate with – who knows!

The speakers were just amazing. I loved Kemi Nekvapil who reminded us that our health needs to be our top priority, otherwise how can we feel energised and make clear-headed decisions. Natalie Harker shared her social media genuis. And Rachel Power was so insightful in her observations of what women often struggle with, I found it quite moving.

I realised that I am not alone in a lot of things I’ve struggled with, and that it’s normal for there to be a fair bit of angst that goes hand in hand with being an artist. Not because you need to be miserable to be creative, but because so much can get in the way – self doubt, the need to earn a living, not having enough time, putting a value on your work, the pressure to do something more sensible and ‘get real’… If you take the path of least resistance then your creative dreams are not going to just happen, it takes discipline, hard work and courage.

As someone (maybe Rachel) pointed out, accountants probably don’t really struggle with giving themselves permission to call themselves an accountant.

I can honestly say I’ve left feeling more courageous and determined to pursue my creative career, whatever that may turn out to be. It was so wonderful to be reassured that what I’m trying to do is important and not something silly, even if it’s small.

So, go creative ladies! (and gents.) Be bold and follow your hearts!

The reaction to BHB seems to be so massive, it really sounds like they want to extend it beyond the events and offer support to all the like-minded people out there and help them to connect with each other. So don’t worry if you missed it, sign up for the newsletters and I’m sure there will be good stuff coming.

So what did we get in those gift bags??

A Polli ring (love this! And it matches my dress)

A beautiful crane brooch from Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree

A Mozi shower cap! (Pretty sure this is how you are supposed to wear it).

And delicious tea, chocolate, cookies and other good stuff…

And what was Clare Bowditch like? Basically a real-life angel! That woman is an inspiration.

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4 comments on “Big Hearted Business
  1. Kelly Zarb says:

    Hi Alex beautiful and sincere post about a truly beautiful weekend had by all at BHB conference. It was lovely to meet you too.

  2. alex says:

    Thanks so much Kelly! :) It was brilliant to meet you too, so many amazing people. Just had a look at your blog, it’s gorgeous and stuff you make is beautiful!!

  3. alex says:

    Thanks Kelly!! :)

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