Balloons and clouds

Just thought I would share some photos of a hot air balloon mobile I made recently, for my very cool friend Kat (or rather her super-cute little baby Caitlin).

Hot air balloons mobileHot air balloons mobileHot air balloons mobileHot air balloons mobileHot air balloons mobileHot air balloons mobile

I got the idea from How Joyful’s brilliant tutorial. Hers are made from felt and have lovely little flags round the edge, they are also much neater! I adapted her template, adding a seam allowance as I wanted to make mine from mismatching fabric rather than felt. I’m not sure I would recommend this option if you’re after an easy life!

It was pretty fiddly and I was making it on and off for about six months. At one point I was afraid it would end up a tangled heap in the drawer of shame (where the unfinished projects live). But I am very happy I finished it off and I think it turned out well! I do love those cheery prints and colours. Apparently baby Caitlin agrees…

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2 comments on “Balloons and clouds
  1. Kat says:

    It is totally fab, a really beautiful mobile, Caitlin loves gazing at it and I love it because it is original and not made of plastic! Thanks Alex love from Kat and Caitlin xx

  2. alex says:

    Hello Kat and Caitlin! You are so welcome, I loved making it for you :) xx

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