Another cushion… with Wombles on it!

About 6 months ago on a dreary day in Devon, I was in my element happily poking about a second-hand and vintage fair. Aside from buying an ill-fitting dress and a wicker chair we weren’t allowed to bring to Australia,  I had one big success. A pair of Wombles curtains!

This was very exciting. I had dreams of putting them up in our flat (being unconcerned about our home looking like a child’s bedroom from the 70s). Sadly they are too short for the windows though.

So like a proper Womble (making good use of the things that I find), I have decided to chop them up and make them into cushion covers! Here is the first one which I made today.

I have plenty of fabric to make more, so I think I’ll sell some in my etsy shop, made to order. The colours are lovely and bright and feature all the Wombles in a variety of activities.

Here we have Madame Cholet proudly holding a freshly baked pie:

Great Uncle Bulgaria is holding forth about something important, but nobody is listening. Orinoco checks his nails, whilst Wellington reads a newspaper:

In the Womble Workshop, Tobermory is muttering ‘Problems, problems…’ as he likes to do. Apparently the other Womble is Tomsk (never heard of him before!).

Conscientious Bungo is the only one actually picking up any litter.

I had to do a little bit of research to check who was who! Which is your favourite Womble? (Mine is Madame Cholet because of her Frenchy accent.)

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2 comments on “Another cushion… with Wombles on it!
  1. jkilbey says:

    Did you ever make any more? I’d love to buy one? They look amazing!

  2. Dear artist,

    I really like your Womble cushions. Your work is lovely! Currently I am not on my own computer, but once I am I intend to share my discovery via Pinterest & Facebook with friends and family.

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